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Thank you for your interest in employment with WAY Media Inc., an equal opportunity employer! WAY Media Inc. employs a variety of people in fields from engineering and promotions, to administration and accounting. Please follow the instructions to apply for any specific positions below.

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Careers with Way FM
Posted by Joyce Pultz on

Hello, I was looking at 104.5 The Way FM's website because I have not been to this website, yet. I am currently working with Adults with Disabilities in a day program, and I have finished my Associate of Arts in Organizational Dynamics from Warner Pacific College in their Adult degree program, and I am currently working on my Bachelor of Science in Human Development at Warner Pacific. I really want to keep working in the field that has to do with social services, human services, case management, but if the Lord shows me a different position I would be good at I would follow what he wanted me to do. I choose to send this message to Way FM just to see if there are any careers that are available at this station. Thank You and God Bless. Joyce Pultz

Posted by Billy Roylance on

My name is Billy Roylance, I listen to 104.5 WAYFM every day and every night and I absolutely love the station and the music and the staff there at WAYFM truly has brought me back to god's light and love again. I would love to become a part of the WAYFM music team and radio station I love working with people, I go to church constantly, I have a good resume, I am part of the World's Biggest Small Group on here and I can say that it has been changing me a lot for the better.

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