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Posted by Hannah on

I have friends that say they dont care if they go to hell. They also say they dont like church. what can i do to help them to change?

Posted by Jake Wallace on

Thank you so much...Way FM, my brothers and sisters, and my church First Baptist of Gresham have helped me more than I can put into words. Keep doing what you do. I deserve no credit and certainly don't want attention. The glory is the Lord's. Peace be with you.

Posted by Lyn on

I accepted Jesus into my heart many years ago. I have never felt God's love or his peace. I have an anxiety disorder so I figured that's the way it is for me. I am in a place in my life where life is not worth living. This last year I lost everything and I've been homeless. It seems like you need to be a good and strong person to be a christian. I believe in God I just don't believe he loves me. I quit trying to find comfort in the Bible because it makes me feel worse about myself. I have planned a safety net that if it gets beyond what I can handle there is a gun I can get. I don't know why I'm contacting you except maybe you can keep me in your prayers. He doesn't listen to mine. Thank you.

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Posted by Alex on

So one of the things that I think is bothering my mom is that im working harder to have a relationship with god before trying to fix the ones at home. so one of the last times we fought before I left she got upset because everyone was telling me to fall back on god and to trust him because he's always there for me when no one else was and when I needed him most. She made a kind of good point that has me questioning my faith. She asked " who was there at nigh when you were younger and got sick in the middle of the night? Who taught you to ride your bike? Who picked you up when you fell down?... who was there when aunt Darleen died or when john, serge, and Michelle died?..." and I honestly don't know what I said back at that moment but honestly that's hitting my heart right now. she was there physically for most of those moments but to be honest she wasn't there the way I needed her to be. she may have been there when I was younger before my brother was born but she really was much after that. when Darleen died my aunt Amanda was there and mom ended up sending me to Tillamook for that summer.. she wasn't there when my friends died she was physically there for the few moments that I opened up and told her that I had lost three friends since January 11th she hugged me but she didn't ask if I was okay or how she could help. he hasn't always been there like she thinks she has. God has always listened to me he's listened to my cries for help... She hasn't she just blocks me out... like she always has.. Am I wrong for wondering if she's right? I mean how do I prove to her that god has always been there for me when I needed him most unlike her? How can I show her that to be able to fix my problems and relationships at home I'm going to need god? Will having god in my heart make fixing these things harder or worse? Am I doing something wrong by going to god before my mom?

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