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Tommy...v-day card
Posted by Peggie Moreno-Lore' on

Hi Jeff...we are at the US Digital building and wanted to drop off a valentine's day card for Tommy. Is there any way to get that to u? My # is 360-281-3176. Thanx.

So glad I've found you!!
Posted by Lorraine Prather on

Just wanted to let you know I recently discovered wayfm and I LOVE it! I have never been a fan of 104.1 THE FISH due to too much of their music and their artists having a "country twang", and they talk too much and have too many commercials as well (I think anyway). I have found your station refreshing and it has really filled a need for me of being surrounded by Christian music daily. Keep up the good work!

Posted by jospeh garrison on

Love the music and songs choice but you guys/girls should do is birthday shout- out's

Posted by Name on


Wonderful story
Posted by Juliana Hunt on

I was driving on childs road today in Lake Oswego when a construction flagger stopped us and an ice cream truck in front of us. The driver of the ice cream truck hopped out of his truck and while I applauded in my car gave the hot, tired flagger a free ice cream! Here is a plug for 'Ice Cream Gumdrop Express' license plate: Yummee. What a guy! God Bless him!

Posted by Rev Kate English on

Please Melissa, stop throwing things up! Every time you talk on the air, you've just thrown something up or are going to throw something up... either get your digestion checked or STOP making us think of throwing up every time you are on the air!! Thank you

Posted by Name on


Stuck music!
Posted by Marcia on

Your music player online has been stuck saying that you are playing Casting Crowns "Already There" since Thursday!! GRR!! Just thought you'd like to know so you can get it fixed!! Marcia

stuck music player
Posted by Marcia on

Your music player online has been stuck saying that you are playing Casting Crowns "Already There" since Thursday!! GRR!! Just thought you'd like to know so you can get it fixed!! Marcia

Posted by Shauna E.F. on

Hey guys n gals, first let me just say how amazing your station is for my boys and I. It is part of our daily ritual. Secondly, Do you know if there will be a Windows Phone app soon? Really hoping so. We love you on Iheartradio but sometimes it cuts out. Thanks and God Bless

Posted by Name on


Online Music Player
Posted by Marcia Richardson on

Your online music player for Portland has said "Jamie Grace-Beautiful Day" since Friday!! It needs to get fixed!! Thanks!!

Portland website music player!!!
Posted by Marcia Richardson on

The music player online for Portland has said "Jamie Grace-Beautiful Day" since Friday!! You need to get it fixed!! Thanks!

A free eBook, A Method for Prayer 1710 edition by
Posted by Steve Kindorf on

Hi, I thought you might like to freely use this on your website, or give to others or for yourself. It's a free prayer book by Matthew Henry called 'A Method for Prayer' 1710 edition, with added devotional prayers, Bible helps and a glossary of 2400 words of the KJV. You can use the audio files for the book if you like.

Christ never left me
Posted by sarah houser on

Good morning all, My name is Sarah,ive lived in Portland for a little 4yrs. The past two years have been a struggle for me but one of my cooworkers is a Christian,and the Lord Jesus Christ used him aa His vessel to reach me. The past two weeks ive been vack reading my Bible and praying. I was away from Christ for over 10yrs,but He always was there. All the praise and glory be to our Lord Almighty!!!!

Compassion International
Posted by Roseanne Perry on

Maybe my smart phone is simply smarter than me, but I cannot seem to find more than a handful of kids in Haiti. I put in "Haiti" "male" "age 9-11" and it says there are no matches for my criteria.... Am I doing something wrong? I am not very computer savy, so it is very likely my fault.

Posted by Name on


Posted by Ryan Mccaw on

The message of a bad day at 245 today. I desperately want to hear it again.

Posted by Riny Horst on

Thanks for playing Christian music and spreading God's word through song. now if you could add some country gospel music with that country twang LOL that would be fantastic the Lord says go into all the world. gods blessings always.

Posted by Name on


Posted by Name on


You Guy's Rock!
Posted by JoAnn on

I am a fairly new Christian and recently made the decision to change the music I listen to. I thought that I would not be able to enjoy music the same way. Then one day I stumbled upon your station and now every radio in our home and cars are tuned in to your station. Thank You!

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